North Fork Talent is backed by extensive experience and knowledge of the recruiting industry. We offer a people focused and client tailored approach to talent acquisition solutions.

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Darrin created North Fork Talent with the passion to offer truly customized and tailored recruiting solutions with the understanding that no two companies have the same recruiting challenges. Whether augmenting existing recruiting teams or helping co-founders with their first round of hiring, North Fork Talent works to understand the unique culture of each client and develop programs to attract talent at all levels.

With more than 20 years of experience, ranging from running international recruiting teams for public companies, to helping start-ups achieve unicorn status, Darrin personally insures all clients receive high quality service from the North Fork Talent team. Whether we are building out a leadership team or a high-volume customer support organization, our team takes the time to understand your business model, unique culture and employment brand.


At North Fork Talent, we believe people are at the core of every successful organization. Intellectual property, cool products and services, international reach, etc. are not the heart of a company's prosperity...people are! Further, we understand that not all companies need the same recruiting solution. We offer full and supplemental talent acquisition solutions for organizations of all sizes, from start-ups to highly developed environments. We will craft a tailored solution, centered on a firm understanding of your business environment, unique culture and competitive landscape to attract the highest quality talent for your organization.

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North Fork Talent is here to assist you through the entire recruiting process from start to finish.
We collaborate with our clients to craft a solution ranging from candidate generation to full cycle recruiting to ensure your specific pain points are addressed.

Key to Success


Preparation is the key to success! We work with you to understand your history and unique company culture. We then dive deep on the roles you need to fill, identifying your ideal candidate profile and assist you with creating enticing job descriptions that clearly define the characteristics, skills and traits desired for each position.

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We understand that successful candidate sourcing consists of more than posting to job boards and career sites. Our professional staff will actively search for talent through web sourcing, social media channels as well as leveraging referrals through our existing network of candidates and industry relations. We have developed highly effective employee referral programs to help zero in on targeted, high quality candidates.

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Once the highest qualified candidates are identified through the sourcing process, engagement begins. We use a polite, but persistent marketing campaign to reach passive candidates, inviting them to engage in an informational discussion. During these conversation, we will provide the candidate with detailed information about your organization, gauge their interest in the position and ensure they are a good fit for your internal environment.

Meeting the Staff


After conducting phone interviews, our team will recommend candidates that have the knowledge, skills and experience for the position. Those candidates will be delivered to your hiring managers, or internal recruiting team, for review. We can then facilitate further interviews and ultimately help you decide on a final offer and hire.

Contract Review


Once a decision to hire is made, we will assist in crafting a personalized and enticing job offer, present the offer to the candidate, manage negotiations and ensure your new hire is excited and motivated to be a part of your organization. We can also help facilitate post-hiring satisfaction surveys in order to measure the quality of candidate experience throughout the hiring process, from initial engagement to onboarding.



Finding and hiring skilled talent is only one aspect of a building successful business. We offer additional solutions to help promote a productive and healthy environment.

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Brand Strategy


With 20 plus years experience in supporting various technology platforms, we can help you select, adopt and implement the best sourcing and applicant tracking technology for your business. Choosing and properly implementing the right platform is crucial for your team to be able to conduct and track more productive talent searches.


We will use our experience and industry knowledge to help you develop a recruiting model and set of procedures that will support long-term hiring success for your internal team. From sourcing models to interview training, North Fork Talent will help you implement best practices that ensure consistent hiring quality and experiences.


For select clients, North Fork Talent provides focused contingent and retained search for key leadership roles. If you are looking for support on just one role or not able to commit to an hourly consulting model, continent or retained search might be a solution for you.



North Folk Talent is different from other agencies, offering employers a wide range of options for their every need. Take a look at all of the benefits that come with choosing to work with us.


We collaborate with our clients to build relationships and earn trust so that we can truly act as an extension of your internal team. It is important to us to learn about your business and company culture so that we can passionately market your brand. We're not looking to make a quick buck filling one of your jobs, we are looking to be a long term partner in your hiring success.


The team at North Fork uses an advanced set of tools throughout our search process that allows us to deliver advanced analytics to our clients. These insights drive business discussions, so you can understand where we are succeeding and where we might want to try new approaches. We're partners with our clients and these insights set our service apart from traditional retained and contingent search.


Throughout our talent search process, we utilize leading industry technology to generate exceptional leads and deliver the highest quality candidates to your hiring managers.


With over 20 years of experience in the broad technology industry, we have the knowledge and leadership skills you need. We have experience supporting companies with fewer than 20 employees as well as those with more than 50,000.


We provide immediate support exactly when and how you need it to help meet hiring demands and enable your team to reach their goals faster.


At North Fork, we don't want pricing to stand in the way of our clients launching a search. Expensive retainers, fee guarantees and candidate ownership are never part of our pricing. We talk through your specific needs and come up with pricing that matches your unique solution. Our on-demand, remote support also saves you time and money associated with training and additional office space requirements associated with typical in-house recruiting strategies.



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